art furniture


Orange County native, Barry Robin, has been a woodworker for close to 40 years. Barry grew up in Orange County in the 60's and there have been two things he remains passionate about - surfing and working with wood, both of which he began at about the age of 12. " My father allowed me to use his power tools at an early age. My first job at 13 was helping him make wooden boxes to hold aerospace components. Those wooden boxes held components that eventually made their way to the moon". 

Barry's introduction to fine woodworking came as a yacht carpenter, apprenticing under Don Fredrickson in Newport Beach. Wood turning and furniture design grew out of a need to express himself artistically while spending days in the engineering world. "I am constantly thinking of new furniture styles and unique joinery techniques. The result makes my furniture pieces one of a kind". 

"I'm intrigued by the whole design process of each project. I love working in the medium of wood, textures and color. It's beautiful and no two pieces are the same. Every project is different and must be approached in its own unique way. I love searching for just the right piece of exotic woods and turning them into something not only beautiful, but functional. But mostly, I enjoy the design process and problem solving aspects of each project. I am fascinated by space and form and love being able to design a piece and watch it come to fruition". 

Studio Robin has been a dream of mine for many years and I am excited to share my designs with you.